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With Compliance, Safety, Accountability (formerly known as CSA 2010), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), together with State Partners and industry, is working to further reduce commercial motor vehicle (CMV) crashes, fatalities, and injuries on our nation's highways.


CSA is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) initiative to improve large truck and bus safety and ultimately reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities that are related to commercial motor vehicles. It introduces a new enforcement and compliance model that allows FMCSA and its State Partners to contact a larger number of carriers earlier in order to address safety problems before crashes occur. Rolled out in December 2010, the program establishes a new nationwide system for making the roads safer for motor carriers and the public alike!


Our online webinars and nationwide seminars are built around the CSA initiative to ensure all of our instruction is always up-to-date as well the most efficient use of your resources. See below
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Within the CSA Operational Model, the Safety Measurement System (SMS) quantifies the on-road safety performance of carriers and drivers to identify candidates for interventions, determine the specific safety problems the a carrier or driver exhibits, and to monitor whether safety problems are improving or worsening. SMS has replaced SafeStat in the new Operational Model and uses a motor carrier’s data from roadside inspections, including all safety-based violations, State-reported crashes, and the Federal motor carrier census to quantify performance in the following Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs):

Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

1. Unsafe Driving
Operation of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) by drivers in a dangerous or careless manner. Example violations: Speeding, reckless driving, improper lane change, and inattention. (FMCSR Parts 392 and 397)

2. Hours-of-Service Compliance
Operation of CMVs by drivers who are ill, fatigued, or in non-compliance with the Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations. This BASIC includes violations of regulations pertaining to logbooks as they relate to HOS requirements and the management of CMV driver fatigue. Example violations: Exceeding HOS, maintaining an incomplete or inaccurate logbook, and operating a CMV while ill or fatigued. (FMCSR Parts 392 and 395)

3. Driver Fitness
Operation of CMVs by drivers who are unfit to operate a CMV due to lack of training, experience, or medical qualifications. Example violations: Failure to have a valid and appropriate commercial driver’s license (CDL) and being medically unqualified to operate a CMV. (FMCSR Parts 383 and 391)

4. Controlled Substances & Alcohol
Operation of CMVs by drivers who are impaired due to alcohol, illegal drugs, and misuse of prescription or over-the-counter medications. Example violations: Use or possession of controlled substances/alcohol. (FMCSR Parts 382 and 392)

5. Vehicle Maintenance
Failure to properly maintain a CMV and prevent shifting loads. Example Violations: Brakes, lights, and other mechanical defects, improper load securement, and failure to make required repairs. (FMCSR Parts 392, 393, and 396)

6. Hazardous Materials Compliance
Unsafe handling of hazardous materials (HM) on a CMV. Example violations: leaking containers, improper placarding, improperly packaged HM. (FMCSR Part 397 and U.S. DOT HM Regulations Parts 171, 172, 173, 177, 178, 179 & 180)

7. Crash Indicator
Histories or patterns of high crash involvement, including frequency and severity. Based on information from State-reported crashes.

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CSA 101 Workshop
DOT Compliance Overview & Intervention Preparation

Controlled Substances & Alcohol BASIC Workshop
Supervisor Drug & Alcohol Training as mandated per §382.603

Hours of Service Compliance BASIC Workshop
Fatigued Driving & Driver's Logs

Driver Fitness BASIC Workshop
Driver Qualification Process and DQ Files

DQ Packet Tutorial Workshop
FREE with purchase of custom DQ Packet

Maintenance BASIC Workshop
Commercial Motor Vehicle Maintenance

Crash Indicator BASIC Workshop
Accident Reporting & Prevention

Cargo-Related Workshop
Load Securement & Introduction to HazMat

New Entrant Audit Preparation Workshop
Understanding the 16 Unpardonable Sins

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